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5 things you should know about your toothbrush

1. Change your toothbrush every 3 months! It’s pretty gross to think about what your toothbrush sees on the daily. It comes into contact with millions of germs and will naturally wear out with time. Many dental associations suggest patients change their toothbrush every three months or more often if the bristles are worn down…

Dental Care for Seniors

Did you know that your dental care needs change as you age? These changes may be something you don’t notice as they happen gradually. We have outlined a few things that you may not realize are impacting you or someone you love’s oral care: Movement Loss of dexterity and arthritis make brushing and flossing much…

Dental Care for Summer

Summer is here! Didn’t it feel like it would never arrive? You may not realize it, but summer is a dangerous season for your teeth. We engage in more cold beverage drinking, more outdoor time, and stick to less routine schedules. All of this can add up and have a toll on your teeth. So…

Parent’s are you thinking about getting Invisalign for your kids?

Your children are growing up in a time with instant access to photos, information, and social media. There is more pressure on your kids to look and feel good due to the constant bombardment of peers and media. Add on the fact that your child’s body and identity are starting to grow and take form.…

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