Dental Care for Summer

Summer is here! Didn’t it feel like it would never arrive? You may not realize it, but summer is a dangerous season for your teeth. We engage in more cold beverage drinking, more outdoor time, and stick to less routine schedules. All of this can add up and have a toll on your teeth. So to keep you smiling healthy this summer, we propose the following.

Watch out for those sweets!

Snacking increases in the summer and we want to remind you to watch what you eat. Try to avoid or limit the number of sugary snacks you may be tempted to eat.

Don’t chomp on that ice!

There is nothing like a refreshing glass of FILL IN THE BLANK with ice! Chewing on ice may seem harmless, but you may be getting micro cracks in your teeth, which can become a place for bacteria to harbour eventually becoming dental decay.

Brush twice a day!

Your daily schedule may be relaxed and spontaneous during the summer, just make sure that you oral care routine stays the same with brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day. This is especially important for kids who may be tired after a long day and want to skip brushing their teeth.

Don’t run on the pool deck!

There is a reason for this rule, and that may be because if you slip and fall you may chip, crack, or lose a tooth. Be careful!

Stay hydrated!

A dry mouth can cause bad breath and a place for bacteria to thrive leading to dental decay. Staying hydrated will also help you avoid dehydration and exhaustion in the heat.

Use sunscreen!

Protecting your skin is vital during the summer and when you are lathering up remember your lips!

Now go out there and have fun!

Source: ADF

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