Parent’s are you thinking about getting Invisalign for your kids?

Your children are growing up in a time with instant access to photos, information, and social media. There is more pressure on your kids to look and feel good due to the constant bombardment of peers and media. Add on the fact that your child’s body and identity are starting to grow and take form. Being a teenager is not an easy task.

Invisalign conducted a study to see how teens felt about their self-esteem and having braces. Here are some stats from that study:

  • 94% of teens think appearance influences popularity
  • 88% of teens are insecure about their appearance
  • 83% of teens have been teased
  • 26% of teens have been teased for their body shape: leading to 60% of teens exercising and 30% dieting or watching what they eat.
  • 11% of teens have been picked on for having crooked teeth
  • While wearing braces: 18% of teens reported having lower self-esteem and 17% were teased
  • See all the stats here

The last thing a teen wants is to be embarrassed or teased because of braces. We can all think of the movies where the brace-face is the butt of the joke. But no more! You can help your child gain confidence and the smile of their dreams without metal brackets or wires. Invisalign is an excellent orthodontic treatment because it is practically invisible and lets your teen continue doing the things they love most.

Why is Invisalign a good choice, other than being invisible?

For starters Invisalign and braces are about the same price, so your financial commitment is not vastly different. As reflected in the numbers above, Invisalign will lessen the stigma attached to orthodontics and help your teen feel more secure during their treatment. Additionally, because they are removable aligners you child can eat what they want, continue playings sports and instruments, and most importantly maintain good oral care. On top of it all, teens have been shown to be more reliable in wearing their aligners than adults!

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